All former website domains moved to this location

I have recently bought the upgrade to redirect all content

from the old domain blog of: also has been changed to

With both these redirects, this will make it more convenient for people to access

the website. This will also make it easy for search engines to redirect all content

to a new domain.

Want to have a website like this on your own domain?

My website is proudly hosted off of Dreamhost.

And to share the love,

I will help beginner website bloggers by giving a few free gifts to help people who sign up for hosting.

To sign up and learn more visit the above link to see what Dreamhost provides.

Once you have read the details and are ready to sign up. Use this promo code: Cinos11Wordpress

The above code will give the following perks:

+2 Free Domains for the life of your hosting. (Example: a website such as  which registrations costs 10$)

that’s a 20$ value. And also, free 10$ discount for your first month of hosting.

Also, don’t forget. If you are not happy with your hosting plan. Check Dreamhost’s refund policy to get a full refund.

(PS: As a reminder, if you are not able to put in a promo code while signing up. Make sure to clear your browsers cache/cookies)

Twitter Account

My twitter account is
Visit it where i will soon use it to post club penguin updates.

New videos page

A new videos page has been added.
All videos on that page have been organized in an expanding and collapse format.
This allows for organization but will require JavaScript to be turned on.

So go on and see all the videos.

DenseURL the Url Shortener

I have created a website which people can use to shorten urls.

The website’s name is

For a taste of what can do it can turn this link:

into this:

So hop on it and start making those funky long URLs short!

New Hackpack!

A new hack pack has been uploaded (Cinos11 HackPack 3).
The last 2 hack packs were no longer available, so a new one with minor adjustments were made.

To download it visit the downloads section of this website:
Click here to go to the downloads section

IRC Channel

A new Chat Channel has been added to the website.
Use the chat room to start chatting other members online:

Website Configuration

The website no longer needs comment approval to post.
Due to abuse, here is a few things you should know:

Do not trust most comments that have a name of Cinos11.
People can fake it! To know if it’s me look for the avatar and other information posted with the comment.

Comments will no longer be edited to reply to a comment.
If it’s posted it will be replied by another new comment.


. will no longer be hosted within a WordPress sub domain.
All pages have been transferred to the new website.

Please go to this link instead to view this website:


I have stopped writing updates because i am not getting many views on the update section most of the updates i make are not viewed by many people, the other pages of my website are viewed more often then here.

(Note: Any future comments that say my Username is usually not me. People are faking it by putting in the desired name when they post a comment)